The not so hidden danger of sparklers

I remember this one New Years, when I was four. My dad bought fireworks to set off at midnight, and my mom bundled my sister and I up and lead us into the backyard. It was the first year my dad ever bought a "Burning School House", and I guess it was a dud because it literally just burned right to the ground. That didn't matter though, my sister and I were easily entertained. Anything that suggested destruction to the school already filled us with joy (even though I'm pretty sure that at this point in time we still enjoyed going to school). After the fireworks had all been set off my dad handed out the sparklers. It's hard to have a whole lot of fun with sparklers when you can barely move your arms due to so many layers of clothes on, but I still tried. I wrote my name in the air, and I spun around in circles... and when that became dull I poked my sister in the arm with my still-burning sparklers. I was disappointed with the results. Thanks to the "flame retardant" material her snow suit was made with the only visible sign of my attack was a small burn hole on the sleeve of her suit. My parents admonished me, and I remember plenty of "Don't set your sister on fire!"'s... I never wanted to set her on fire.. I just wanted to see what would happen. Since then I have done plenty of experiments "Just to see what would happen", and when I get caught I simply say, "I love to learn."

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heather said...

it never occured to you that burning on stick plus sister equals burning on sister?