My goals in life - in order
Sometimes I manage to forget about all the little things I love the most. I'm not talking about taking people for granted, although I probably do that too. I mean all the little things that give me the warm and fuzzies when I slow down enough and make time to remember them. Jell-o for instance (oh yes, it all comes back to the jell-o). Sometimes I forget how much I love Jell-o. I buy it, I put it in the cabinet and then I forget about it for months. I forget about it for months until I'm cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and getting ready to donate all the stuff I won't be able to finish to the food bank. That is when I remember how much I love Jell-o. I look at my packages of Jell-o and I remember how I never actually was able to achieve my number one goal in life of filling a kiddie pool up with jell-o (or pudding) and allowing it to set by turning on the central air. I guess that is why I am lucky that I am only twenty, and that it is a life long dream.. not just a short term one. My number two goal in life is to buy a mechanical bull. I was going to buy one last year with my inheritance money but then my dream was crushed by reality. Obviously inheritance money would be better spent getting me out of debt as opposed to pretty much getting me further in it (could you imagine the law suits I would get if someone hurt themselves on my mechanical bull?). My third goal in life is to get a job that consists of me playing with puppies all day long. I really enjoy playing with puppies and thus I think it could really be a job that I would be able to excel at. So far I have been unable to find any university courses that would better prepare me for a job of playing with puppies all day long - but I promise you this... If I did find a course like that I would never ever miss a single class.
Now excuse me please while I go finish off my giant bowl full of jell-o.