That is where babies are made

Today, as I worked away diligently at my booth, a man pulled his car up to my window and asked me if I could let him through without paying because he was a private investigator who was investigating someone in the area. Naturally I wanted to, but I knew that I would not be allowed so I double checked with my supervisor before telling him no. I'd decided that he must be investigating insurance fraud because why else would he have come to my work? It's a tourist attraction in the middle of nowhere, and hardly an ideal spot for an extra marital affair. My supervisor did not agree with me.
"We catch people having sex here all the time." She told me.
"Why would you tell me that? Why?" I questioned. "You have ruined this place for me." I joked. Later on a co-worker and I joked about ways we could leak the information to customers.
"I do not know how many people come here, but do you see over there? That is where babies are made."

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