Destroyer of Underwear and Dreams

If I had to pick one thing that little dog likes to do, it would be licking his own genitals. He's only just discovered that they exist and, boy, is he ever making up for lost time.

However, if I had to list two things that little dog likes to do, I would say (1) lick his own genitals, and (2) destroy my underwear.

Clean. Dirty. He does not care. "He wouldn't be able to get to your underwear if you put it away," I am constantly told.


My underwear is put away. Dirty underwear goes in the dirty clothes bin. That has a lid. That I keep books on to hold down.

Clean underwear goes in my dresser drawer.

He is more adament about getting at my underwear than any boy I have ever encountered. And that says a lot.

Since getting the puppy, I have had to go out and purchase more than twenty new pairs of underwear. I will be the first person to declare bankruptcy over underwear.