It is my birthday

It is my birthday, so I took the garbage out... Because it is also garbage day.


Missed opportunity

I can't sleep. I have been trying to sleep for roughly seven hours, and yet sleep evades me. Instead I have found myself cleaning. I have cleaned things that I have been putting off cleaning since September. I have cleaned ovens, microwaves, showers, and toilets. I have gotten down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the grout in between each kitchen tile with such enthusiasm that it is now white (when the natural colour of is actually grey).
If only I had a video camera... I could have filmed the first installment of my non-pornographic porn called "College Girls Get Clean!" That way I also could have ordered some pizza; every pornographic film, even when it is a non-pornographic porn, needs a pizza delivery man. In this case, the pizza delivery man would come to the door and say "Where do you want me to put it?" And then I would say "Ooooh, it looks big. Why don't you put it right there.. On the kitchen table." This is when the pizza man would say "Be careful.. It's hot." The next ten minutes of the video would just be me eating some pizza, and eventually I would "accidentally" drop a slice and then start to clean up the mess.


Note to self:

Remember not to start to fill the sink and then walk away...

Dancing Machine!

When you find yourself alone in your house, your roommates having abandoned you for one place or another, strip off your clothes and dance around your living room in your underwear; playing your music much louder than you've allowed yourself in the past.
Boogie down! Practice dance moves that you haven't performed in forever, and then try ones that you'd never dreamed of doing - not even in your most inebriated "I-am-such-a-great-dancer-why-did-I-not-realize-I-could-dance-this-
well-before-I-did-those-five-shots-of-tequila?" state. All these moves you will do, without a care in the world.. Not a single care in the world.. That is.. Until you look into your backyard and realize that one of your creepy neighbours is standing there watching you.
"Why the fuck is he standing in my backyard?" you will ask yourself. Then you will shake your head and remember where you are, and how in this city you are not limited to elderly British gentlemen who like to watch you in a near-nude state. In this city the rules are different, and people don't just stay in their own yards to watch you.. They just walk right into yours.


Best Friends

Apparently my animals have started sleeping together. They claim that it's just because it's starting to get cold outside and the shared body heat makes the long nights easier, but I'm on to them.


Purify this

I bought an air purifier today because every morning I wake up feeling like I am dying, and I can only assume this is either because of a)communists, or b)gross stuff in the air that I am breathing while asleep. Obviously it is probably the communists doing it, but why not try to improve the quality of air being filtered through my room?
So now I have this machine going, a machine that claims it is "relatively noise free" (apparently "noise free" is open to interpretation.. I guess it's the "relatively" part that should have clued me in), and it is blowing me that much closer to waking-up feeling great.


But is it morally wrong?

Sometimes, like now, when my nose is runny... I use my cat as a substitute Kleenex.. Not always intentionally, sometimes it just kind of happens. My nose is running, he is trying to rub up against my face.. BOOM.. No more runny nose. I really don't think he minds it... I mean.. Considering I pay for his food and make sure he has a clean, non-smelly place to take a dump.. It's really the least he can do for me.

Also, evidently this is going to be a day where I write posts every five seconds.. Probably due to a combination of lack of sleep, cold medication, dizziness, and boredom. Bear with me..



I totally just burped for, like, 40 seconds straight..


Under the bridge downtown

Let me tell you about a bridge that is located near my parents house. It is a bridge, much like any other bridge, that allows the road to cross over a valley (and train track) without any trouble at all... But there is a darker side to this bridge.. A darker side that involves men having sex with other men for money.
And today, internet, I saw a man closely resembling George Michaels returning from what I can only assume was a gay romp under the bridge.
At first I did not believe that anyone, let alone gay men, would have sex any where near this bridge.. It is a bridge.. A gross bridge, and it is right near a smelly bay... I, personally, do not enjoy the smell of fish during sex (insert your own dirty snatch jokes here). Anyway, I did not actually believe, at first, that any such thing went on under that bridge.. But then I spoke to a man who worked for a place that I will refer to as the "RBG" (I'm referring to it as that because that is its actual name), and he told me that they find all sorts of condoms and gross mattresses under the bridge all the time. But his testimony only really convinced me that people have sex under the bridge, not that there is some sort of gay prostitution ring being run down there. My opinion changed once I saw a little piece on the local news showing the police busting up the gay prostitution ring (run from under the bridge).
As it turns out, police busting up the party did nothing to deter these male hookers...... I admire their dedication, but only to a degree. The prostitution ring is still going on, and I have yet to be able to convince any of my male friends to go down under the bridge and see what really goes on.
Anyway, each time I drive over the bridge, I wonder what the male prostitutes are doing right at that very moment... Most of the time I can take a guess.. But I'm sure sometimes they'd surprise me.