Another excerpt from my second grade journal...

So I gather that I went to a corn roast... I'm sure that was super. And I saw Brianne at said corn roast (she was one of my friends in grade two)... But I'm a little confused about the smelling bat part. What do bats smell like? And how did I know that I had smelt one, considering I am relatively sure that I have no basis of comparison for the scent of a bat. What I do know about bats is this... Their saliva is made up of three main ingredients to keep blood flowing, anticoagulants (to stop the clotting), something else that stops the red blood cells from sticking together, and another thing that stops the veins from constricting near the site of the wound. I also know that as soon as vampire bats begin to feed (on blood), they begin to urinate. It's because blood is primarily made up of water, and thus they need to rid themselves of the excess water in order to get the proper amount of nutrients they need.

I remember things like this but ask me anything about the classes this year and I probably couldn't tell you anything..
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