A Sentence or Two

Watching Madonna's new video for her song 4 Minutes, I am inspired to go out to a busy parking lot and do some fancy dancing on top of cars - not to mention locate the nearest giant clock so that I can dance in front of it while wearing a flesh-toned body suit.

My dad woke me up at 2 AM to ask me if I'd ever heard of Talk Like a Pirate Day.

"Wow, really? That's so exciting that my nipple just got hard," I said.
"Nipple? Just one?"
"Yeah, righty. Lefty has much higher standards," I explained, though I felt that this should have been self-evident.

I once made pulled taffy in grade three, and, to tell the truth, making it again is something I have thought about at least once a year ever since.

I never had baby fever before everyone around me, it would seem, started procreating like it was an Olympic sport.

Facebook tells me that several of my friends think I am likely to succeed and would make an excellent mother. However, it also tells me that they are less than confident in my sense of fashion and my thoroughness when it comes to bathing. Thanks, Facebook!

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Jallápenno said...

I'm looking into the miracle blanket. It's intriguing. Aparently they have them around here somewhere. I don't quite understand the arm flaps, but who cares.