Under the bridge downtown

Let me tell you about a bridge that is located near my parents house. It is a bridge, much like any other bridge, that allows the road to cross over a valley (and train track) without any trouble at all... But there is a darker side to this bridge.. A darker side that involves men having sex with other men for money.
And today, internet, I saw a man closely resembling George Michaels returning from what I can only assume was a gay romp under the bridge.
At first I did not believe that anyone, let alone gay men, would have sex any where near this bridge.. It is a bridge.. A gross bridge, and it is right near a smelly bay... I, personally, do not enjoy the smell of fish during sex (insert your own dirty snatch jokes here). Anyway, I did not actually believe, at first, that any such thing went on under that bridge.. But then I spoke to a man who worked for a place that I will refer to as the "RBG" (I'm referring to it as that because that is its actual name), and he told me that they find all sorts of condoms and gross mattresses under the bridge all the time. But his testimony only really convinced me that people have sex under the bridge, not that there is some sort of gay prostitution ring being run down there. My opinion changed once I saw a little piece on the local news showing the police busting up the gay prostitution ring (run from under the bridge).
As it turns out, police busting up the party did nothing to deter these male hookers...... I admire their dedication, but only to a degree. The prostitution ring is still going on, and I have yet to be able to convince any of my male friends to go down under the bridge and see what really goes on.
Anyway, each time I drive over the bridge, I wonder what the male prostitutes are doing right at that very moment... Most of the time I can take a guess.. But I'm sure sometimes they'd surprise me.

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