Purify this

I bought an air purifier today because every morning I wake up feeling like I am dying, and I can only assume this is either because of a)communists, or b)gross stuff in the air that I am breathing while asleep. Obviously it is probably the communists doing it, but why not try to improve the quality of air being filtered through my room?
So now I have this machine going, a machine that claims it is "relatively noise free" (apparently "noise free" is open to interpretation.. I guess it's the "relatively" part that should have clued me in), and it is blowing me that much closer to waking-up feeling great.

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Anonymous said...

While living in Seoul S. Korea the air quality was so bad that I should've bought an air purifier. Every morning I'd wake up with a nose and throat full of junk. -------

Something just dawned on me. Canada has relatively pure air and unless you're in Vancouver (which you're not) you're relatively far from any communist state...hmmmm...I wonder if the real reason I woke up stuffed up every morning in Korea was not because of poor air quality but rather, as you have suggested, due to the close proximity of a communist state...


P.S. I was an english teacher not a G.I.