Dancing Machine!

When you find yourself alone in your house, your roommates having abandoned you for one place or another, strip off your clothes and dance around your living room in your underwear; playing your music much louder than you've allowed yourself in the past.
Boogie down! Practice dance moves that you haven't performed in forever, and then try ones that you'd never dreamed of doing - not even in your most inebriated "I-am-such-a-great-dancer-why-did-I-not-realize-I-could-dance-this-
well-before-I-did-those-five-shots-of-tequila?" state. All these moves you will do, without a care in the world.. Not a single care in the world.. That is.. Until you look into your backyard and realize that one of your creepy neighbours is standing there watching you.
"Why the fuck is he standing in my backyard?" you will ask yourself. Then you will shake your head and remember where you are, and how in this city you are not limited to elderly British gentlemen who like to watch you in a near-nude state. In this city the rules are different, and people don't just stay in their own yards to watch you.. They just walk right into yours.

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