Which I guess it could....

I woke up at 3 am with an inexplicable fear of zombies and a need to pee.

I am not sure why I was worried about zombies, but, while on the toilet, I genuinely put some thought into what I would do if zombies ever came to attack me in my apartment.

"I think I am pretty much screwed," I said to dog. "Would you try to eat the zombies?" I asked him.

He did not answer me, as (despite getting along in years) he has still not mastered the English language.

"I only really have knives to defend myself with, and I would have to get far too close to the zombies in order to even use those in the first place. I think I would likely just end up being killed by the zombies. Do you think it would be fast at least?"

Again, dog failed to answer my question with any clarity - unless proceeding to lick one's rectum can be considered a definitive answer. 


Common Sense Today said...

Hey now. Dogs can understand English!

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