Sometimes I am like the Hulk, only less green and more rage-filled

"I'm 25 now, I need to get a fucking dog. I need something real to tether me down," the girl beside me said as I waited for my drink at Starbucks.

I stood there, sweat elegantly dripping down my back, listening to her say one ridiculous thing after another.

"Yeah, I could go to school and become a physiotherapist, but then I'd have to give up the house. I mean, being a physiotherapist is a great paying job, but the house is a real asset."

I am on this kick where I am trying not to judge people, but, dear god, I judged this girl so hard. Not being a judgmental asshole is nearly impossible for me when I have PMS. It is also nearly impossible for me the week that I have DMS. And Post-MS.

Really, there is only about a week each month where I am not a total jerk.


Accidentally Me said...

Honestly, some people deserve judging, and not judging them is really doing them a disservice. Otherwise, who else would note what a douche she is?

Charlotte | Living Well on the Cheap said...

I'm so judgy these days. There are just so many stupid people out there.