Or maybe you would...

The dudes love Hudson.

Workout gear.
 Actually, the ladies love Hudson too. I guess everyone loves Hudson. That is probably because he doesn't pee in their closets or chew holes in their underwear. Trust me. Your opinion of something totally changes the minute it starts chewing holes in your underwear.

Posing in front of a bookcase. 
Already, the four-month-old fluffy beast tips the scale at 40 pounds. He eats 700 grams of food per day, poops three or four times and pees approximately every 30 seconds.

Hitting the beach after a hard day at work.
Recently, we have been making significant headway when it comes to not peeing in the hallway/elevator/stairwell on our way outside. We have also improved 110% when it comes to not taking a dump in the backseat of the car. Now, I am saying "we," but that is just because I am being polite. To the best of my knowledge, I have not taken a dump in/on the back seat of a car or urinated in a hallway/elevator/stairwell in years. Decades even.  

Sleeping while at work. Typical.
Regardless, all of this learning is, of course, exhausting for poor Hudson. You would not believe how tiring it is being adorable, chasing your own tail and simply existing. 

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