Motorboating without an engine

It was the third time he'd reached into my shirt and grabbed my breast with his cold, slobbery hand. I jumped a little, glared, and was met with a large toothless smile.
"It's official," I sighed. "Your son takes after you."
"Hey! I have never touched your breasts," he declared.
"Well, at the very least, to date you both share the same sense of humour."
It was barely a week ago that the child in question had spent a mere minute scrutinizing my face before eagerly proceeding to motorboat my cleavage, offering up a suave half-smile once he'd finished.
"Clearly I need to start wearing shirts that have better coverage," I sighed.

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Jallápenno said...

I am totally going to train my baby to motorboat everyone`s cleavage. You show cleavage to a baby, you deserve it! They`re like, programmed to attack.