Unsupportive family members

My brother will not let me ride shotgun in his car anymore.
"It creeps me out when you lower the window and get ready to pull down your pants so you can moon strangers," he says, as if it's a justifiable reason. He also consistently engages the power window locks so that I am unable to yell things to pedestrians as we pass by.
"I do not understand," I tell him, "I let you moon people from my car."
"When have I mooned anyone? Ever?" He asks.
"It's not my fault that you do not grab hold of the opportunity. The point is that I would support you in your choice, not eliminate your ability to put the window down."

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Joseph said...

Censorship is wrong any way you slice it.

But my momma didn't raise no fool either! I was taught to never let people who do things just as you've described here to ride with me in my car. I learned this lesson when my mom took my friend and I to the mall when we were 11 or 12. My friend hollered at a pedestrian from the backseat and that's when my mom informed me to stay away from such individuals, always.

Here's a tutorial that Chris Rock made that might have some helpful hints you should check out: