But maybe I will start using bean bags when practicing

Every time my parents buy tangerines, I feel as though it is finally my chance to become a world class juggler. Each time I pass by the little wooden, mesh covered crate that holds the fruit, I pull out two (three would be too ambitious) and begin to toss them in the air. Without fail, just as I start to congratulate myself on how well I am doing, one of the tangerines will unceremoniously drop to the floor. It is at this point in time that I quickly look around the kitchen, to make sure no one has witnessed my faux-pas, and then tuck the floor stricken fruit back under the mesh from whence it came and proceed to sneak out of the room.
Later, when a family member wonders aloud why their tangerine is slightly mushy, I sigh and make a silent vow to myself that, one day, I will learn how to juggle.


Jallápenno said...

my husband does the same thing! what IS it with you people? Even though they're usually on sale for about $5 a box this time of year, I still do not enjoy eating squishy oranges. Please, stop killing citrus.

Megan said...

I'm sorry. It's an illness, really. I can't help it.

Accidentally Me said...

I do that with clementines!

And...um...seems that a post has dissapeared...did we have some blog-regret:-P?

Megan said...

Not regret so much as I was going through post (for my annual 'reflections on the year' post) and just deleted a bunch that I wasn't feeling. So there are actually multiple posts missing.