An Ode to Nina

Nova Scotia is the siren whore that has lured you away from me with its haunting song.
My only consolation is knowing that you will be surrounded by plenty of able semen. Sorry, able seamen (I sometimes get the two confused), although I am sure you could find plenty of able semen if you tried.
"Should your virgin universe taste like a bloody martini I'll masturbate and shoot pubic juice on your balls," you wrote, in magnetic poetry on my wall. I am not sure what it means, and may or may not find it a little disturbing, but I will try to leave it intact there until you return to me. However, "steamy finger tight butt intercourse orgy," which you also wrote on the wall, is another story.
You see, Nina, I don't mind people thinking that I plan to masturbate and shoot pubic juice onto their balls, but I really don't want them to think I want a steamy butt intercourse orgy.


Angelika said...


Anonymous said...

hahaha you were right... That was thoroughly enjoying. It made me laugh out loud, hard enough that my stomach hurt because I went to the gym yesterday and my abs are sore from situps.

Wow, when you write my magnetic poetry on text, it looks so much more disturbing... now I look like a sick pervert... but hey, it's not bad for what I had... it was challenging to make that poetry because I couldn't find enough "small" words.