It's been longer than 30 days so I may just have to keep him

Three years later and I still have the receipt for my dog (yes, I irresponsibly bought him from a pet store). One day, I plan on taking him back to the family run store where we first met, holding the receipt very clearly in my hand, and asking them what kind of return policy they have.
"I do not think this is the same dog that I bought here," I will tell them. "This one is much bigger than the one I left with. I am not exactly sure what happened, but I am almost positive that it is not my fault."


Clemens said...

And they will point to a sign that clearly states, "Feeding pets may lead to enlargement and/or engorgement. We recommend pruning instead, like a banzai tree only with fur."

You'll probably get store credit though?

K. Restoule said...

I don't think they will buy it

sra said...

They will force you to trade in for Mulder's weight in puppies and gerbils.