It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

I've spent the past three hours at my fathers office and have officially taken care of the ass photocopying/breast photocopying/face photocopying requirements of the company for the week. I've also taken care of the required in-office dancing, as well as Frisbee playing. And just so that no one could say that I wasn't really working, I sat down in my father's swivel chair and spun around for a couple of minutes.


sra said...

what, no pictures?

Dunzo said...

Yeah, this post and the last one warrant pictures.

Megan said...

There were pictures.. Well, photocopies.. But then I decided to use the new shredder that I'd picked up for the obvious the prior week. It can shred cds. Can you believe that? It's ridiculous. Nothing should be permitted to be that awesome.