Unusually Deep

I got my navel pierced when I was seventeen, or at least I think I was seventeen (I could have been older or younger, I don't really know). While in the process of putting the needle through my flesh, the piercer mentioned that I had/have an unusually deep belly button. I'd never really thought about the depth of my belly button prior to that. I mean, my mom had made me aware of the fact that my doctor intentionally tied my umbilical cord in such a way that I would have an innie, but no one had ever mentioned anything to me previously about having an unusually deep navel.
I believed the piercer, in regards to the depth of my navel, because first off - why would anyone lie about thinking a navel is unusually deep? And second, as a body piercer, I would imagine that she's seen her fair share of navels.
Ever since then I have exposed my navel to anyone who will look at it just to see if they also find it to be unusually deep. So far everyone does. I think it has been determined to have a depth of, roughly, one inch. Frequently people ask me if they can stick their fingers in there, and I warn them that my navel is practically unending and I can not be held responsible for any damages that may or may not occur to their finger while it is "in there".


Jenn said...
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Megan said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Megan.

You say your navel is unusally deep? Well, one inch is very deep, and, might I add, very sexy indeed. What's the shape of it? Post a pic.