Maybe it was just to help loosen up...

The task that I had been given that morning seemed simple enough - oversee the moving of furniture from one now empty office to another and then ensure that everything looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible. And so, I stood there, in the hall and watched as desks were moved in and out and filing cabinets were passed back and forth.

But before everything could be settled in their final resting places, there was a need for a little tidying up to be done. Confetti from hole punchers were scattered in crooks and crannies that desks had once hidden, and paperclips seemed to be reproducing all over the place. A thorough vacuuming was in order, but first the papers that were strewn in the corner of one room needed to be moved. As the overseer, I took this task on myself. I bent over, expecting to pick up a pile of old brochures, when my hand encountered something else. A plastic package. A plastic package for an anal plug (anal plug still inside).

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Of all the things I expected to encounter at my place of work, this was not one of them.

Not knowing what to do with the item in question, I sought out my boss for advice. "Should we return it to her?" I asked.