As a birthday gift to myself, I decided to take a trip to Florida. Alone.

I would answer to no one. Follow nothing but my own whims. I would wake up when I wanted to. I would go to sleep when I felt like it and do absolutely nothing but what I felt like.

But that got old after the first day of my trip. Not the sleeping part, I am a big fan of that.

Now I find myself at a loss as to what to do. So I have been spending my afternoons reading borderline-erotica on my new Kindle Fire and drinking Walmart wine that only cost one dollar! ONE DOLLAR!

To answer your unspoken question: yes, it is hard being this classy.


Accidentally Me said...

How on earth are we not best friends? National borders shouldn't get in the way of people who share such a common outlook on life...

Megan said...

Okay, let's be international best friends. Having a best friend in the United States will be a good incentive for me to cross the border more (let's just forget that my cousins all live in/around Chicago... We've never really been that close). I just realized that this is the first time I have left Canada in 2012. I am going to have to do better in 2013.