Which probably indicates the super should be cleaning more often than she does...

I see remnants of my underwear nearly every where I go, which is really just to my apartment building or work.

The hazard of sequined underwear, I have learned, is that the sequins do not stay attached to the underwear, no matter how hard you will it to be so. The secret thrill I got over owning such remarkable underwear quickly waned as I realized I left a magical trail in my wake.

"Megan! You're wearing your sequined underwear again!" the cleaner at work once shouted at me.

"I am not. Today was just an arts and crafts day in day program. They were working with glitter," I cried in defense. After finding the first sequin in my office, it was probably a bad idea to start laughing and telling all my coworkers where its point of origins was.

It has been months since I've worn my sparkly underpants (I have ten pairs...), and yet, when I walk up the stairs of my apartment building each day, I am greeted by the sight of sequins.

Bitter sweet.

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Tudor said...

Heh. Everyone should have fun underwear! I've been leaving mine at work accidentally. Even more awkward than sparkles...