Something to think about...

Every year, upon getting older, I make myself a list of things I hope to accomplish in that year of life. With a little under two months until my next birthday, I have started looking over my list in an attempt to see what else I can reasonably cross off.

If my calculations are correct, I could, in theory, put a line through another six of my goals. That would give me an 80% success rate for goals achieved in the 26th year of my life. I think that is pretty decent when you think about.

I have started thinking about goals for my upcoming year of life. As I will be turning twenty-seven, there will be twenty-seven of them. I am now accepting suggestions from the Internet.


Charlotte said...

-Visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

-See if you can make your hair stand up in a mohawk. I hear raw eggs help.

-Grow something edible

Megan said...

I like those goals. I will use them all.

Actually, I am thinking of doing my yearly goals and then adding a set number of monthly goals too. Goals can be fun.