Bicycle Room

I no longer have a bicycle room in my apartment.

Wait, what? I never told you about my bicycle room? Oh.

Well, I used to have a room in my apartment that contained just my bicycle and exercise bike. I called this room the bicycle room.

Why did I store nothing but bicycles (stationary and mobile) in this room? The answer is pretty simple: I just do not have that much stuff.

And so, I kept my bicycles in that room and, when bored, I would ride my bicycle around the room. It was an exceptionally short loop, but it helped pass the time. Eventually, I decided against indoor bicycling because the sound of tires on hardwood is kind of annoying.

But I digress.

The bicycle room is no more. Instead, it has been traded in for a quasi-dining room.

I have yet to move the table in (it is awaiting a light sanding in my parents' garage), but I have painted. And painting was the hard part. I also hung up a mirror that I had purchased for my grandparents several years ago. As they moved to a smaller house and needed to eliminate unnecessary items, they asked me if I would like it back. I, of course, said yes.

I have got to tell you, people I do not know on the Internet (and some people I do know), that my apartment is kind of getting pretty awesome. For a long time, it just did not feel like home. Instead, I opened my front door, hung up my coat/keys/purse/miscellaneous, glared at the dog and cat and then plopped down on my bed with my laptop to kill an hour or two before it was sleep time.

Now, when I return from work, I pause at my front door to mentally high-five myself for having such great decorating taste. Also, I tell myself that I really need to clean because I one day may have unexpected guests and therefore should ALWAYS expect guests.

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Charlotte said...

OMG you're hilarious. I love that you mentally high-five yourself. That's awesome. I bet your apartment is completely fabulous.