Journey to India: part two

My last post was composed of what I had written in my journal while making my way from Toronto to Delhi. I had decided to keep a journal of my trip because it would make me appear deep and thoughtful to others. "Excuse me," I would say, "I must go write in my journal." Sounds intellectual, right?

Anyway, the thing about a journal is that it only makes sense to have one if you are actually doing things. I am not doing things. Essentially, my trip to India has involved a lot of naps and some mild traveller's diarrhea. At least I think it is traveller's diarrhea. It could just be a side effect from my anti-malaria medication. Either way, it is not the most captivating of material to write about. And yet I do. Each day I write in my journal using my favourite pen from home (which my sister is currently trying to steal from me, but I am on to her).

My entries largely talk about my poop or what I had for lunch. Some of them make note of the difference in standards of living between here and back home. If anything, I would say that a lot of people in India are utilitarian. They make use of the space and resources they have to the best of their ability. Of course, this is a huge generalization, but I like making huge generalizations when I have nothing else to write about.

On Sunday, it is Holi. It is my intention to get covered in dye and have a wonderful time. If diarrhea gets in the way of this plan, so help me, I will shit a brick (that is a poop joke).

My access to Internet will be unreliable at best in the coming week and a half, but when I return home I intend to post some pictures and tell you about all the ways this trip has changed my life. So far it hasn't actually really changed my life at all, and if it continues to be un-life changing, It is my intention just to lie and make something up.

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Mike Balaban said...

Hey Megan,
Just stumbled across your blog and was captivated. Ive not read it all but I looked at tidbits from each year :-)
Thanks for the read and I will definately come back for more.

Safe Journey and I hope the pooping doesn't give you a hernia! Can pooping give you a hernia? Not sure....