And, naturally, there will be shirtless Saturdays

I am moving, dear Internet.

I am moving on up, to the West side (of Hamilton), to a deluxe apartment that is, like most apartments, technically in the sky.

Actually, I do not know that it is technically a deluxe apartment. I am not entirely sure what a deluxe apartment is. I think this is in part due to the word "deluxe" being open to interpretation. For instance, what I consider to be luxurious may be not-so-luxurious to Donald Trump. Equally, what a homeless person considers to be sumptuous may be something I consider to be a shit hole.

I am excited about my move. So what that I do not really have any furniture anymore. Who needs more than a bed, a dresser, two side tables and a desk? Sure, some people may think a desk chair goes hand-in-hand with a desk, but those people are just being silly. And who needs a kitchen or dining room table? Not I, that is for sure.

Plus, Wednesdays will be "no pants" day, and that is just going to be more kinds of awesome than I can even describe.