It shows I care

I received a message on facebook today, from one of my friends from University, informing me that the card I had sent her had arrived safely.

In so many words, she told me how thankful she was for such a thoughtful gesture.

But that is the kind of friend that I am. An idea will come to me - a beautifully scrapbooked card featuring Michael Jackson, perhaps - and I will then spend the next several days bringing said idea to fruition before sending it out into the world. 

Can I help it if that idea turns out to be creepy? No. No, I cannot. 

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Charlotte (formerly known as wandering sparkle/just call me fabulous) said...

Hey friend! Long time no see! As always, your blog had the anticipated effect of making me erupt into giggles in a situation where it is completely inappropriate to do so. I come around every now and then just to use you for a good giggle.