Race Day!

Today, I am running a race. I am not nervous about the distance, I have run further (albeit not by much). I am not worried about my finish time, I do not need to be fast. But I am worried about having to poop while I am in the middle of running the race. 

My brother says it is the body's normal response, to unexpectedly have to poop while running that is. He told me it has to do with "Fight or Flight." Apparently, when you are nervous, or when your body thinks you are potentially running for your life, it wants to eliminate anything that could possibly weigh you down. This, unfortunately, includes poop. 

Well, guess what, body? Having to stop and poop slows me down, and this is probably a bigger issue than being weighed down by the amount of poop that is in my bowels. I am no Elvis, body. To the best of my knowledge, I do not have several pounds of fecal matter taking up permanent residence in my GI tract. Do I? 

So I plan to spend the next several hours trying to poop because.. well... why not?