Tall Tales

"I am going to stop you for a second," I said to the little boy who had previously been speaking. His name was James, and he was telling an elaborate tale of an encounter he "had" with the local authorities.
"I am going to go out on a limb here and say that the police never shot at you."
"They did," he insisted.
"Tell me, James, why would the police shoot at an unarmed nine-year-old?" I asked him.
"I am native," he declared, "I had a bow and arrow. I was shooting at them." 
While there was no denying that he was indeed native, I still found his story less than credible.
"I once went to Tim Hortons and saw a van get hit in the window with a paintball," another little boy piped up.
"Now that I believe," I told him.
The discussion that takes place during Sunday School is much different than I remember it being when I was young enough to attend. 

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