A lesson learned the hard way

Today, while examining the merchandise at a sex shop, my finger suddenly began to itch and develop tiny blisters. "Oh no!" I thought, "I have developed finger herpes because I stuck my finger inside of the sample 'real-flesh' mouth that was boxed in with Virtual Veronica in order to determine whether or not it really did feel like real flesh." 
When I wandered over to the cock ring section and showed my sister the finger in question, she berated me. "What did you expect?" she asked. "You should really know better than to stick your finger into something at a sex shop." Though I was loathe to admit it, she had a point. 
From this day forth, I, Megan, will do my best not to stick any of my fingers into tiny mouths made of life-like synthetic materials while in establishments that sell merchandise that is intended to be ejaculated on, in or around. 


Accidentally Me said...

Actually sounds like a pretty nice little Saturday...

Were you looking for something specific?

laurwilk said...

Hahaha. I'm with AM. Were you looking for something specific?

Megan said...

I was just killing time.
I had dinner plans at a Lebanese restaurant that was just across the street from the sex shop. There were plenty of things that I would have loved to buy (as well as plenty of things that I would have loved to never have seen in the first place), but I felt any purchase would prove to be too much of a conversation piece at dinner.