Long story short, I eventually conceded her point

When I first bought my new fish I was fairly intent on naming one of them Fish Stick.
"No," my mother told me.
"Why not? They are my fish," I whined, "I should be able to name them whatever I please."
"I will tell you why not," my mother replied, "you do not enunciate enough and it sounds like you are saying Fish Dick."
"Why would I name a fish Fish Dick? That just sounds silly."
"Exactly," my mother said.


Joseph said...

It's not only silly sounding but just plain retarded. I've watched many a nature program and never in my life have I heard any mention of a fish dick even being able to be seen under magnification. Such topics are of no interest to the viewing public possibly since they are microscopic in stature and girth.

Jallápenno said...

they use their anal fin. the things you learn in having an aquarium.
How's the saltwater aquarium coming along anyway?
I think you should name one of them Captain Highliner though, that would be almost as fun as Fish Stick, and might make him intimidating to the other fish...

K. Restoule said...

I hate it when mom's are right.