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I keep having nightmares about dying, night after night.
I used to think that I wasn't afraid of death, but I have come to realize that I was deluding myself.
I am afraid completely afraid to die. The idea leaves me terrified.

I still mean every promise I have ever made.

I used to have an intense desire to own a white duck.
I had it all planned out. The duck's name would be Professor McQuacks and he would follow me every where. We would go to the park together where I would feed him pieces of bread as he swam in the water and the other ducks looked on in jealousy. At the end of each day, I would tuck Professor McQuacks into my bed and read him a bedtime story. However, in the morning I would wake-up with a bad case of salmonella and realize that I had accidentally rolled over the Professor in my sleep.

I sprayed the air freshener in the sign of the holy cross, hoping against all hope that it would somehow purge the smell, that was surely evil, from the room. It didn't though.

My sister is always giving me inside information on things that I don't care about, like dessert wines and diamond mining. "I will let you come to my champagne tasting," she tells me one evening, "I will only make you pay $100."

I have a hard time thinking of myself in terms of anything but goofy looking. I feel incredibly self-conscious when talking about my physical appearance because, after all, I have looked in a mirror before and been greeted by the sight of my bulbous nose and Charlie Brown-like head.


KYRIE said...

Hi. I was just surfing through blogs and decided to leave a comment as ur blog seems cool.

P.S.I am always sensitive tht my nose is large and bulbous especially after I sneeze like hell. Damn allergies!

Jenn said...

The big secret is that my sister is pregnant. I'm going to be an aunt! :) She's 32, been dating a guy for 3 months (!!!) but is very happy and everything is good. :)

Accidentally Me said...

Proffesor McQuacks is awesome! I would be obscenely jealous of a girl with a pet duck that followed her around...