Because apparently he believes an angry stomach is an indicator of a future contraction of an STD

He wouldn't stop talking about poop, and not just his own poop either.
"Did you feel that?" I asked him, in response to his excrement anecdotes.
"Feel what? My gut is rumbling."
"That's not your gut," I explained, "that is our friendship evolving. You just brought us to a whole new level."
"I think my gut is angry with me," he said, ignoring me completely.
"That is probably your body's way of telling you that you are going to get the scootes later."
"What is that?" He asked, "Some sort of STD?"
"No, it is diarrhea, but close."


K. Restoule said...


Megan said...

I do not pretend to understand where his logic came from.. It doesn't make sense to me in the least, and I told him that afterwards. However, I was going easy on him because he was drinking his feelings at that point in time. Naturally "drinking" one's feelings is much like "eating" one's feelings, only with liquor instead of food.