pages from my journal

The following are a collection of entries from the journal I have sporadically kept over the years. The sentences appealed to me and may or may not have been taken entirely out of context in their transition from paper to interweb:

I jumped into the pool, fully clothed. It was cold.

Is it bad that I cannot remember his name or what he looked like?

There is something beautiful about the highway at night. Well, at least after you've been smoking pot there is.

If my life were a song, I think it would be something by ABBA. A melody that is chipper and up-beat with lyrics that are surprisingly somber. My life is the music of a 1970s Swedish pop group.

It reminds me of the time, when I was four, that I burnt a hole in my sisters winter coat with a sparkler. Did I want to set her on fire? I am not entirely sure.

note to self: telling strangers about situations that may cause you to lose control of your bowels is not a good way to break the ice.

I miss you most on cold nights. Who will keep my feet warm now?


Imogen said...

I'm liking the new lay out Megan! And I think I like these more without a set context :)

I have always been easily influenced. When I was four, my older brother passed out while we were watching a late night TV show about tattoo artists. I drew all over his face with purple marker pen before I went to tell anyone; he's never forgiven me.

Rhea said...

Does your sister read this blog?

Megan said...

Ummm, not to my knowledge. I am not even sure if she knows of its existence. But, either way, she would not be shocked that I may have, at one point in time, wanted to set her on fire.