Very serious problem

I am at my parents house this week and I have already run out of clean underwear. Where did all the underwear I packed go? I counted each pair I put in, there were ten. And yet, six days into my visit there is no more underwear. This poses a big problem for me because I like to pass my time alone each day, when everyone else is at work or school, dancing in my underwear around the house. How can I dance around in my underwear if there is no more underwear to dance around in?


sra said...

if no one is there, why do you have to wear underwear at all?

heather said...

don't we keep parents around to do our laundry for us?

Tudor said...

each time i change locations i have fewer and fewer pairs of underwear to depend upon. it's all messed up and I don't know how to explain it. i had to switch back to loin cloths.