But that's probably just because I am a bad person

I have been blowing my nose non-stop, it would seem. And each time, after I blow my nose, for some inexplicable reason, I look at the tissues to see what exactly has come out of my nose. I've been expecting a small elephant, or, at the very least, a pea or something. I don't recall ever having stuck peas up my nose (or an elephant for that matter), but that doesn't mean someone couldn't have stuck something up there while I was sleeping. I know that I would probably try to stick peas up someone's nose while they were sleeping if peas were readily available to me at that exact moment.


Dunzo said...

I pick my nose and my dog loves to eat them off my finger tip. She thinks they're a treat!

heather said...

i died of laughter when i read this post. that's right. laughter.