The World is Frozen

I took my dog for a walk today and got in slightly over my head. Sometimes snow is deeper than it looks. I realized this when half of my leg suddenly disappeared into a mound of white death. The dog loved it, of course, as he was able to submerge himself almost completely in the snow. The only sign that I even actually had a dog with me was the wisp of black fur that broke through the surface of the snow, attached to a furiously wagging tail.
It was surprisingly warm out. My cheeks were still rosy, but the feeling remained in all of my extremities.
Here are some pictures I took along the way...

The last one is of the fishing shacks on the lake. There are far less this year than there were last year, but that is probably due to the fact that for the longest time the lake remained unfrozen.


Kim said...

Wow, lots of snow! Your photos are great by the way, especially the first one.

Charles J said...

I took my dog for a nature walk yesterday. I'm in Kingston and we don't have as much snow as you but that's probably good because my dog is little and might get lost in all that snow.

I took my camera because I wanted to get some pics but the battery died as soon as I turned it on, as it always does. Anyways, your pics are sweet.