Conversation About Antiques Road Show

"I'm just watching antiques road show with my parents." Says Ashley.
"Antiques Road Show is awesome!" I say.
"Bah, I can't watch it."
"I used to feel the same way, but then I started getting really interested in it. I would be hoping that people would have stuff worth lots of money. I watch it now as background noise when I'm trying to fall asleep."
"Yeah, it would be good for that. A woman just admitted to having her tortoise shell box buffed and now it is worth way less."
"I would never admit to having my box buffed."
"LOL. Awesome comment."
"I try."

You see, it's funny because I made it dirty... "Box" is also a synonym for vagina.. I learned that thanks to my 9th grade English teacher when I had to do a presentation on the myth of Pandora's box.. Somehow I don't think that extra little tidbit of information was part of the curriculum.

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Dunzo said...

Antiques and boxes...two things that are interesting as long as they're not next to each other in the same sentence.