And now I just wait for the money to roll in

One of my neighbours has this sign posted on her apartment door:

I decided that this was a good idea (time and paper saver!) and created a sign of my own:

In case you cannot read the above, it says: Willing to convert (religions or political affiliation) for cash.


But at least I was being productive, right?

As I was having a bit of a situation, I decided to take 1 mg of Lorazepam.

It worked. Crisis averted. Nerves restored.

I do not take medication, of any sort, without a great deal of debate.

Actually, this is not true. I take anti-diarrhea medication without a second thought. But most every other medication, I have at least two thoughts about, if not three.

So the Lorazepam did its job. My evening proceeded without incident and I fell asleep easily that night.

And then, when I woke up the next morning, I decided to check my email before heading off to work. As it turns out, apparently, in my Lorazepam induced calm, I submitted a proposal to the Tourism board requesting sponsorship for an event I am working on.

I hope that it was a good proposal because I have no idea what I included in it.