Too many sharks

"You aren't allowed to go swimming in the ocean. You can get arrested," I said casually. "But that isn't really a problem for us, most of the time, because the ocean isn't very close by."
"Why can't you go in the ocean?" she asked.
"Because.. the blood will attract too many sharks," I replied, as if the answer should be obvious.

It occurs to me, at times, that the things I tell her may end up scarring her for life. However, I prefer to think that she will look back fondly on the time she spent with me. Hopefully, she will also laugh. It is okay if she doesn't because I laugh in the mean time.

Is it nice to tell my niece untruths about what to expect once she starts menstruating? No. Probably not. But I am almost positive that it is entirely harmless. 

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