And I will not send you a picture of my cooter either.

"She's a 'wait until marriage' kind of girl. I am getting cock-blocked by Jesus. But I really love her, so I guess will be waiting. Though I may have to take care of my urges elsewhere," he said.

Now, I do not feel that it is my place to pass judgement on others, but I could not help it in this instance.

Love? Really? Are you certain? Because, silly as the notion may be, I had always thought that, if you truly loved someone, you did not go out and actively do things you know would cause them pain.

If your girlfriend is waiting until marriage to have sex and you do not feel that you can wait that long to have sex, it is disrespectful and selfish to go out and have sex with someone other than your girlfriend. It makes you a douche bag... A huge, huge douche bag. You are not noble for refraining from pressuring your girlfriend into sacrificing her beliefs to appease you. You are a simply a dick.

So, in short, no, I will not send you a picture of my breasts.


The Pie Guy said...

Thanks for sharing your life with me through your blogs. I'm doing this same sort of thing on my blog: The Pie Guy. My life is talking about food and the different ways it connects to everyone's life. I ran across your blog just browsing on blogspot. It's good to get your feelings out on print, in one way or the other. Thanks again for sharing your life on the net. Chef Todd Redfern-The Pie Guy.

Anonymous said...

Aw, but I showed you a pic of mine? Or, at least I tried to. - N