Did I mention they are pink?

There be monsters in my aquarium.
Well, maybe not monsters, but at the very least there are scary looking worms with unsightly body hair.
I initially believed them to be a physical manifestation of my subconscious unease with the fact that, in my celibate state, I have let the grasslands of my Southern hemisphere become unruly. Just in case my metaphor confused you, what I mean to say is that, I may need a weed whacker the next time I groom my lady bits. But I digress....
The internet tells me that my aquarium monsters are misunderstood creatures. "Harmless detritivores," it tells me. Harmless or not, I am relatively sure they spend their evenings peering out the glass walls of the aquarium... looking at me... making all sorts of dastardly plans, which they will put in motion as soon as they able to secure a means of escape.


Accidentally Me said...

Do they have names?

Jallápenno said...

obviously we need a picture of the monsters. body hair, really?

Megan said...

I didn't take this picture, but this is generally what they look like:


Charlotte said...

So did they just appear of their own accord? How did they get into your aquarium?

I bet they are planning a revolution.

K. Restoule said...

Creatures in an Aquarium looking at you through the glass planing something?

Sorry but South Park already did that.