So, do you come here often?...

The answer to that question, for many of you, is yes. Sitemeter tells me so.
Some of you I know in real life, but most of you I have no clue about and am interested to find out a little bit about - primarily because I am just nosy.
What is your name? Where are you from? Was your daddy a baker? Because you've got a nice pair of buns. I also considered going with, 'Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your eyes.'
But seriously tell me a little bit about yourself and in return I will post pictures of my dog looking like a douche bag. Actually, truth be told I would post the pictures of my dog anyway, and I'm not entirely sure what a douche bag looks like (which is something that I'm okay with) so it is unfair of me to say that he looks like one in the aforementioned pictures.


furiouslove said...

you're funny.

not sure how much of what you said is true...but 24 hours of straight sleep IS impressive...i tend to do the opposite--defying naps and the terrible way i feel afterward.

can't say i'm too impressed about the vodka...that's a bit concerning. no judgement, just a fact.

i am older.
and you are interesting.
but i'm not hitting on you.
men are ridiculous.
especially 'young' ones.

i found you via the link on my favorite books section of my profile "OH, THE PLACES YOU WILL GO!".

i am a writer and a filmmaker and a crisis interventionst, etc...and i don't care for grammar. like you, i tend to write as i speak.

i had to update my blog for a film festival last night and found myself getting re-acquainted with "blogging" which i had done via email before it was called "blogging".

i wish i had more time to read everything everyone wants to say (i'm a chronic listener--which is job security).

you sound cool. keep your head up, girl.

i once pet a rhino's face.
i still get chills when i think about it.
which is daily.
all true.

take care,

Accidentally Me said...

What has sperling got againt young guys? I happen to think highly of many of them...

Um...25, not really single, born in Chicago, went to school in Phoenix, live in Boston with my adopted little sister. I don't have anything as funny as your profile list (and 10 shots of anything stronger than green tea would wipe me out entirely.)

I have no idea how I found you, I forget. But you are in my Reader and I always like when you post...especially about hiding pot, that was funny shit!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I found you through Tudor's blogroll.
I'm 21, female, my name's Emily, and I live in Waterloo. I'm an anthropology student and amateur crazy person. I find your blog incredibly amusing, and I enjoy your pictures of animals and cakes. Also, the fact that you glued your toe back together.

Still just me said...

41 and the mom to five, grandma to four. I am not your typical grandma either!

Living in Colorado for the last 16 years. I am not sure how I found you either, but it makes for an interesting read before I head out for my workday.

furiouslove said...

it's pretty much "males" in general...no hate...they're just a ridiculous bunch at times. :)

me personally, what's my defense?
i think i've got some sort of chromosomal mix-up...cuz i hold steady ground with my wife...
i really enjoy relationships and talking...and having emotions...then again, i do bear crawls in my yard and hit
my heavybag until i cannot stand--so there's a bit too much man up inside here, too...i think maybe i have a female twin and she is simply inside (instead of like hanging out of my stomach--just inch for inch--directly inside)...

i was THERE (a younger man)...and now, i'm HERE (39)...and i just chuckle and sometimes can't imagine what women see in young guys today (my "anti" man talk is just a fun generalization--which in all seriousness--generalizations are things i'm not fond of)...but, GENERALLY, i tend to grant women a bit more leeway.

getting "older" is SO underrated. and frankly, when you're a goofball like myself (permanently stuck at 28), you get the best of both worlds...

a young attitude let's you take responsibility for your...errr...responsibilities...
and yet you can still remain inspired.

in all seriousness--it's up to the individual...there are some behaviors associated with the sexes and different age demographics, but i really like to be merciful and let people exist as they are...everybody's different, just like everyone else.

like i said, i was in my early 20's once...and in many ways, i was NOTHING like my male peers.

take care,

Jenn said...

I think you know a lot about me, but if you want to know more than what I give, you can just ask. :)

I'm 28, from NB and at the moment (and hopefully for the next few years) work in the field of sexual assault, but, as you should know by now, my passion is sex, in general.

I wish I could remember how I found you, but I know I've been reading for a very long time. I love, love, love your blog, your outlook on life, and your wit. I also love that you have blog-faded (to any great extent), making you an Elder of the Interwebs. :)

Megan said...

furiouslove - All of the tidbits (I didn't know what else to call them) in my "All About Megan" section are true. I even re-checked them to make sure I didn't embellish them at all. I assure you, they are embellishment free. The only thing I should make an amendment to is that Vodka one.. Apparently, though I do not recall it (probably for obvious reasons), about 40 minutes after I did the shots of vodka I passed out in the middle of a hallway. Again, I don't remember it, but there is photographic evidence and I can't fight that.

Accidentally Me - Due to bedroom renovations, my pot is now actually located in the middle of my parents living room (still in the dresser though). Hopefully no one will open up my sock drawer because the aforementioned pot is stinky.

Emily - I also enjoy the fact that I glued my toe back together. I'm still waiting for something to be wrong with it though. It all seems too good to be true.

Still Just Me - I am a little surprised that my posts don't actually cause you to fall back asleep. Usually, if I re-read what I have written at a later date, I end up cringing as it frequently becomes glaringly obvious that I have never heard of "proof reading".

Jenn - You are right, I do know a lot about you. I am practically your Internet stalker. You are also right about the blog-fade. I find it baffling how I was able to blog so frequently and yet still have a life away from my computer.

Thank you guys for humouring me and giving me an introduction to yourselves. I am hoping that the people who did not so will eventually be compelled to introduce themselves at some point in time in the near future.

furiouslove said...

hey megan,

i've not discovered profreading as well.

i'm a believer, no convincing necessary. one of the best part about humans? they're all so different and interesting...

my "tidbits are true"...as well.

to add another, i once resuscitated a frog...and cpr'd a lizard...as far as human revivals, i've resuscitated/cleared airways numerous fellows who've had over 10 shots of vodka (or other spirits).

this is one of the benefits of being compassionate and working in the jail.

take care, all,

Jallápenno said...

I'm here! I'm just a bit behind on my daily reads.
I am Sarah, 28, living outside Fredericton NB. I am married, mom to 1.3 people and 2 cats. I'm a teacher, working as a resource teacher right now.
I don't know how I found you, it may have been through Jenn (who is a dear real-world friend of mine) or I may have just stumbled upon you via the "next blog" function. Either way, I'm glad!

Featherina said...


i too found you through tudor's blog roll.

any info you want can be found at my own blog, but i am not saying that in order to get you to go... just because i am too lazy to write this kind of stuff out.

i love your blog... though i hate that only the first part of it shows up on my RSS feed. Grrr...

I am particularly fond of your publishing of partial, uncompleted posts.

Anonymous said...

I too found you on Tudor's blog roll, not sure how I found his blog though.
I enjoy your amusing posts, and the pictures... just keep coming back from more. Keep it up!
Sarah, London, ON

Katie said...

Hallo Megan and t'internet.

Okay after all these normal people found you in average and expected ways, I worry even more about how I came to find your blog... It's all thanks to David Bowie. Actually to be specific David Bowie's tight trousers in the labyrinth. I was looking on Google for an Image of that exact thing. I'm sure I had a good reason at the time. Anyway, the picture of Bowie's bulge led me to your blog where I first read one of your heartbreaking stories about childhood sweethearts that almost but didn't. Hooked.

How do you make a hanky dance? Put a little Boogie in it!

Hi! I'm Katie. I'm 18. I'm Australian living in the North East of England. Why England? My Mum is Scottish and wanted us (her kids) to get to know her family better, eight years later I'm still here. Working in a Video Game shop over Christmas and have been subject to pick up lines: "Hi, my name is Richard. Would you be my pretty woman?" and "I'm from Lincoln. Would you like to try some Lincoln sausage?" I also haven't a clue what a douche bag is. I have two cats; Tiggi and her daughter Mary. Tiggi is three legged due to an argument she once had with a dog and lost. Mary is fat and thinks she is a dog; she has no balance and falls off the bed in the dark. I also have a dog who believes he is human. I mean truly believes in his heart of hearts. He has an evil streak a mile wide with sharp pointy teeth. Actually he is the gentlest creature on the planet unless you are a Hoover. There is a long and established rivalry between dog and Hoover. Hamish exacts his revenge by peeing on it every chance he gets. He gets scolded for it, but you can tell, by the smirk on his face, as he trots out the backdoor for a sentence in the rain... it was worth it. My chickens are better at fetch then Hamish and chase balls around the garden. They also enjoy sunbathing. My lovebird is only alive through spite. I reckon it’s the oldest lovebird in existence, it lost its mate and since then lives only to interrupt every phone call this house receives with piercing shrieks. We also have a goldfish in our pond called Goldie and her seasonal neighbour; Frogmorten (who arrives in spring but doesn’t stay for Christmas). Hehehe, I enjoyed that. A wordy round-up of my room-mates. Animals rock! I hope the President and Mulder are well. Kudos on the plaster hand thing too, a really brilliant way to waste time. You should have a collection of them in all different poses and in different colours… No idea why.

P.S. You have very Lovely hands.

furiouslove said...

dear katie,

are you saying we're normal?
i've been called a lot of things
in my days...normal is NOT one of them. from you, it sounds like a
good thing.

take care,