On Marijuana and Disney Classics

One of the troubles I have had since moving back home is that now there is once again a need to hide my pot. Don't get me wrong, I've always hidden my pot to some degree. Sometimes I've hidden pot so well that, once I'd finally rediscovered it, I had no idea how it had ended up in that particular location in the first place.
Currently my marijuana is hidden in a ridiculously fluffy pink pair of socks that can be found in the second drawer from the top in my dresser. My sister is under strict instructions that, if I should perish unexpectedly, she is to immediately seek out the fluffy pink socks and dispose of their contents. Ideally she would dispose of said contents using one of my two bongs, which she would then also dispose of.
The thing about marijuana's effects on me are that they completely obliterate the carefully constructed facade I have erected to convince people that I am not a complete and utter doofus (which I am, by the way, and have always been).
I'm not going to lie, Internet, I've recently spent more than my fair share of time listening to various Disney songs while smoking a bowl. The things I say to myself during these times are both ridiculous and incredibly nerdy. "Did 'Can you feel the love tonight' ever win an Oscar?" I ask out loud, "because it's fucking brilliant."
A few years ago, for Valentines day, I went out to Casey's with one of my roommates. For some reason the management at Casey's thought it would be a wonderful idea to bring a choir in to serenade their patrons. Much to my delight, the choir began to sing the aforementioned Disney classic, and, to the horror of my dining companion, I began to join them both loudly and with enthusiasm.
"Megan," she scolded, "they already think we're lesbians, we don't need to draw anymore attention to ourselves." But I just kept right on singing.

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K. Restoule said...

So ringing Disney songs in a Casey's means that you're a Lesbian/ So what does it mean when you're singing Iron Maiden songs in a McDonalds in an Industrial park?