If only...

If I were a celebrity, I would create an official website with an official message board, and then I would go on that message board, with a pseudonym (of course), and talk smack about myself.
"I once met Megan in the street," I would say, "and she totally reeked of garlic. I don't think she bathes either."
There are always people willing to defend their favorite celebrities to their very last breath. Equally, there are people who live to trash talk them. Both these kinds of people would bring me joy.
Could you imagine complete strangers taking time out of their day to think of you? Wonder what you are doing? Sending you letters in which they wish both you and your family continued health. There are no other jobs that promote that kind of response from people. Trust me. For the two months I worked at a tourist attraction, not once did a complete stranger roll down their window and tell me that they'd been thinking of me and hoped my family was doing well.


sra said...

I heard Megan bathes in garlic.

Megan said...

I am not going to lie, it's true.